SkyCaddie SX 500 Handheld Golf GPS Review

by Mark Stevens

We’ve heard some good things about the SkyCaddie SX 500 GPS unit. We look it over to find out where the land lies.

SkyCaddie SX500

Description & Review

The SX500 is a cool device with a color display but a little pricey. If you’re looking for a high-end handheld GPS then this could be worth considering, given its features and performance.

Rating Stars 4.5
  • Design 90% 90%
  • Technology 86% 86%
  • Performance 90% 90%
  • Battery Life 90% 90%
  • Price 80% 80%

Does The SX500 Justify Its Price?

Golf is one of the most exciting games there is for its devotees. What makes it stand out is the fact that it requires a lot of tactics and precision. It takes more than passion and knowledge to judge how to hit a golf ball. Tools like a golf GPS unit can come in handy.

The role of a golf GPS is to help you navigate the course, record and save your scores and stats. Most golf GPS devices come with maps of the course which help provide accurate distances between you, your ball and the holes on the course. In this review, we discuss the SkyCaddie SX 500.


  • It is highly accurate and efficient
  • It features a compact design
  • It is easy to use and set up
  • It features an incredible display on its 5 inch HD touch screen
  • It is highly durable
  • It comes with rechargeable batteries which last for more than 14 hours (two or more rounds)


  • It is a tad expensive
  • You have to reset it after every couple of months
  • It is a bit cumbersome to carry in the pocket

Think About These Things When Considering A GPS

The following factors should always be taken into account when considering the purchase of a GPS unit


One of the most important things to consider is the design of the products. Remember that golf is a game where you have to stay on your feet for quite some time. You also have to keep moving from one place to the other carrying around massive golf clubs throughout the game. Therefore, the last thing you need is to add more baggage to your gear. Therefore, your handheld golf GPS should be compact and lightweight. It would help if you didn’t have any trouble carrying it around.


Another essential factor to consider is how easy it is to use the device. The last thing you want is a product that will stress you and get you on edge in the middle of your game. Therefore, it would be wise if you stayed away from complicated designs with too many buttons to figure out.


It would also help if you got a durable product. Consider the factors that affect the durability of the product like the material from which it is made and its design elements. For instance, you may want to get a waterproof product and a hard material that can withstand constant impact in case the product falls when you are playing in the course.


The market is packed with a wide range of golf GPS products from which you can choose. Handheld devices also come in a wide variety. It would help if you considered the features of each product, from its design to functionality and price before you decide on which style or format is the best. Make sure you compare more than two types so that you can make an informed decision.


You also need to consider the cost of the product and compare it with your budget. The market is packed with a wide range of products which feature different prices.

The SkyCaddie SX 500 handheld Golf GPS

In the game of golf, you need a GPS to give you an edge and amplify your success. The role of a golf GPS is to help you with positioning and how to navigate the course properly. It will also keep a record of your scores and statistics. The market is packed with a wide array of products. However, the SkyCaddie SX 500 handheld golf GPS does stand out from the crowd.

It is a compact device that is durable, easy to carry around and use. It also features an incredible technology that gives you the best guidance when navigating the golf course. It is accurate in its functions and cost-efficient. With more than 35000 preloaded maps, the product offers an unmatched accuracy level.

Features & Benefits

Below are some incredible features of the SkyCaddie SX 500 handheld golf GPS;

IntelliGreen Pro Technology

The SkyCaddie SX 500 handheld golf GPS features a patented IntelliGreen Pro Technology. This element helps to provide the exact shape of the green and the surrounding area of the course. The green automatically rotates on the screen based on your approach angle. By doing so, it provides you with accurate distances (front, centre and back) as well as the actual shape of the green. All you have to do is slide the cursor to the pin so that it can update the distances. The golf GPS device also displays all major contours, tiers, false fronts and mounds.

Shot Tracking

This golf GPS is designed to provide accurate information about the golf course you are playing so that you can have a successful round. The shot tracking tool helps you known hof far you hit your clubs each time while you play on the course. All you have to do is tap on the mark ball button to pull up your bag then tap the club used and proceed. The product will keep track of the club you used, location and the distance of each shot you hit. At the end of the round, you can go back and review your shot distances.

Quick distances

The golf GPS features a ‘dynamic range rings yardage arcs‘ technology. It provides you with quick distance information that allows you to select the ideal club for each shot. The yardage arc automatically updates when you slide the cursor to your desired landing area.

Scoring and Statistics

This golf GPS comes with scoring and statistics tracking element that is easy to use. It provides accurate information, keeps track of your scores, putts, and fairways hits for each round. It also comes with an auto prompt scorecard element that can activate after each hole. The scorecard can also be selected manually. With this element, you do not have to worry about forgetting to score on a hole. If this happens, all you have to do is select the scorecard, and it will take you back to the last hole which you need to input information. When the round is over, all the scores and stats will be displayed on the device. You can go as far as to save the data in your SkyGolf 360 account for future references.

Large HD screen

This golf GPS features a 5 inch HD touch screen. The touch screen displays accurate graphics of the golf holes and the entire course. The screen has some of the most remarkable zoom features. All you have to do is double-tap or pinch the screen for the zoom element to activate. It also features a Big Number Mode. This mode features ultra-large numbers on the screen that provide accurate front, centre and back distances. The numbers are large enough so that you will not struggle or require glasses to read them. They allow you to mount your GPS on your cart mount and play without worrying about its cumbersome nature. The screen also provides a stunning visual experience.

Automated features

The SkyCardie SX 500 handheld Golf GPS features a host of automated features. They include auto-course select, auto-hole advance, auto-zoom and other touch free elements.


The SkyCardie SX 500 handheld Golf GPS comes with two batteries. The batteries can last up to two rounds or more. The product comes with a micro USB cable and a wall charger for recharging the batteries. It takes about 4 hours to charge the battery to full charge.

Price and value

The product sells for around 399 dollars on amazon. This is a bit costlier than most products of its kind. However, if you consider all the features, it comes with and all the benefits it has to offer, it is worth each dollar. In simple terms, the price is a clear indication of the value of the product.

Durability and compactness

With dimensions of 0.5 by six by 6 inches, this is perhaps not one of the most compact products. However, the clarity and quality of the screen are worth the few extra inches. It is also made from the best materials, which makes it one of the most durable products on the market. If you find it too cumbersome to carry in your pocket, you can always hook it up on your cart mount.

SkyCaddie SX500 Video Overview

Social Proof

While testing and researching the unit for this SkyCaddie SX 500 Review, I checked out the net.  There are plenty of user reviews and the great majority were positive. For instance, most reviewers love the fact that the product is easy to use and its battery can last up to two rounds or more. Another SkyCaddie SX 500 Review particularly noticed that the product is easy to sync with a computer. User reviews also comment on the accuracy of information.

Naturally, I also found a few complaints about the product. However, none of the complaints was too significant. Most people talked about issues like the colour and the fact that the product is a tad cumbersome to carry around the course (true of many handheld units).

Other GPS Unit Options

naturally enough, there are a few competing products on the market. here are some other similar contenders to consider.

Bushnell 368821 Phantom

This is a compact golf GPS with more than 36000 preloaded courses in 30 countries. It features an easy to use interface, auto course recognition and auto hole advance. It features Bluetooth connectivity for wireless use. It is cheaper than the SkyCardie SX 500 handheld Golf GPS but does not feature its advanced technology and design. What it lacks in features it makes up for in price.


  • It’s cheaper than the SX500

Garmin Approach G10

This is a compact and handheld golf GPS with a 1.3-inch display. It features a highly sensitive GPS receiver, shows accurate distances, stat tracking and green view display just like the SkyCaddie SX 500 handheld Golf GPS. It also comes with a digital scorecard.


  • It’s priced at a budget level
  • It has the main features a beginner would want.


The SkyCaddie SX 500 handheld Golf GPS is an incredible product to carry along during a golf game. It provides accurate information, records stats and scores and provides accurate distances. It is efficient and easy to use a product that will help make your golfing experience better and easier. You can use it during training and tournaments alike. I would recommend this product because of all its incredible features but it’s hard to justify if you’re a beginner or on a budget.

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