Shot Scope V2 Golf Watch Review


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Golf ranging GPS watch and shot tracker that offers some nice capabilities at a very affordable (some would say budget) price. Check out the key features and whether this device makes the cut for you.

4.5 Stars
  • Design 90% 90%
  • Technology 90% 90%
  • Performance 86% 86%
  • Battery Life 80% 80%
  • Wear Comfort 84% 84%
  • Mobile App 86% 86%
  • Price 92% 92%

The Shot Scope V2 Golf GPS Watch Top Level

Golfing has always been a haven for me. However, it wasn’t as fun when I had to juggle complicated calculations and lose time and joy in the process. To eliminate these struggles, I found that using a GPS watch was an incredible option. While looking for the best golf GPS watch, I came across the Shot Scope V2. In this Shot Scope V2 Golf Watch review, we look at everything you need to know about the product.


  • GPS and performance tracking is excellent.
  • Low profile sensors attach to clubs for shot tracking.
  • Key features are easy to access.


  • Chunky design commented on by users.
  • Club sensors can be a distraction to some.
  • Lots of data can confuse – essential to sort out what matters to you.

Important Golf-Supporting Features To Look For

needless to say, the Golf GPS Watch market is packed with a wide range of golf watches from which you can choose. At a range of prices. So, when considering whether to consider a model, what are the real key factors you need to consider. To me they are:


One of the essential elements that you should consider is the functionality of the device. Firstly, the product should have a high level of accuracy. The best and most functional golf GPS units on the market feature more than 10000-course layouts that are preloaded so that you can use them as soon as you want. If you can find a product with preloaded international courses, it should get a buying tick. . Beyond the range of capabilities (you need to assess if they are important to you) the watch should fundamentally have a simple layout and design, with a level of intuition, that you do not have to struggle with.


Many devices like this have either monochrome or colour displays. However, not all of them can boast incredible display elements. The best golf GPS product should come with an LCD screen that allows you to use the device at any time of the day. It should also allow you to read the numbers on the screen accurately in any weather. Note that the display quality is a significant factor to consider because it is very variable in many devices in this category. When you are viewing the screen, you need to check the display’s size and clarity.


In addition to the important elements mentioned above, another essential thing to consider is the product’s feature set. Consider the modes available, accuracy, synchronizing component, and other specific parts. Don’t just consider the available features, but how easy you can access them and use them. Consider whether you would actually use them for your level of golf and competition.

Note that it would be wise to consider the comparable elements of different products and compare them to each other. This will ensure you are matching apples with apples and will help to filter your list down before purchase. xxxxxx

Introducing The Shot Scope V2

The Shot Scope V2 Golf Watch is a device designed to provide GPS distances to the front/middle/back of green and hazards. It is one of the best products in the market because of its automatic performance tracking elements. These elements are powered by ClubSense technology. This golf watch allows you to create free accounts on iOS, Android, and desktop without any subscriptions. Note that it is also relatively easy to use and offers an excellent support team. It comes with a single lithium-ion battery that can last for up to seven hours. The product is a bit chunky. Regardless, this is a significant improvement from the earlier Shot Scope golf watch model.

Main Features

quite Although older tech by today’s standards, the Shot scope V2 golf remains one of the most positively reviewed golf watches in the market. We thought we’d take it for a spin and see if it still cuts the mustard for today’s players.

Look and Presentation

Perhaps one of the most notable features of this product is that it’s one of the ‘smartest’ smartwatches around. This product combines GPS distances featuring fully automated tour-level performance analysis. It works by automatically detecting each shot and Its automatic performance tracking allows the device to gather all necessary data in the background throughout the round. This is great for professional golfers who would benefit significantly from this element. Note that this golf watch also allows you to collect the data without having to tag your clubs. You also do not need a phone or to deviate from your game shot scope display so that you can gather your performance data. Note that the watch also automatically logs your swings by using the manufacturer’s ‘ClubSense’ technology. This means that the technology will collect the clubs used data and each shot’s location to analyze your course performance later. 


A team of elite golfers developed this golf watch and it shows. It’s clear that the designers used their knowledge of the game and what it would take to make it better when coming up with the design. Each of the statistics was handpicked to provide maximum potential for improvement at different points when playing golf. The statistics are split into five categories. They are; clubs, tee shots, approaches, putting, and short game.

From a design perspective, one of the design elements that most users have reservations about with this device, is that it is chunky. While this particular model is an improvement from the former, it still can’t be said to be compact. Nonetheless, a large majority of users say that the benefits outweigh this one design flaw. We tend to agree and the chunky look is a small price to pay for the superb capabilities.

Ease of use

This product is relatively easy to set up and use. All you have to do is start by installing your golf club tags. This golf watch uses small, low-profile tags that are about 3/16 inches thick and one gram heavy. This means that you do not have to worry about the tags altering your club’s swing weight. The next thing you have to do is load your courses onto your watch. With the Shot Scope V2 golf watch, you can do this through a mobile phone app or computer. This should not be a difficult thing to do and it took us less than a minute. Once you have loaded the courses and synced your watch, you can go ahead and start using the device. It is also worth noting that the golf watch offers free accounts. The accounts are available on iOS, Android, and desktop. This means that you can use the golf watch on any device.

Variety of Modes

The Shot Scope V2 golf watch features three modes from which you can choose. First, there is the GPS mode. Like the title suggests, this mode only allows you to use the GPS element of the device. The second one is the GPS plus Track mode, which provides you with an extra tracking feature. Finally, there is the PRO mode. This mode will allow you to use all the features that the golf watch has to offer. All you have to do is select the mode you want after syncing your watch to your clubs and start playing.


This is one of the most accurate golf watches on the market we found. The product was tested alongside other GPS golf watches and it was found to be very accurate by comparison. Offering front middle and back yardages, we particularly noted It changes the yardages quickly. This is an essential element because it allows you to play without having to wait. Note that the golf watch also provides the form and back of every hazard. Note that the distances are shown in either yards or meters.


One of the best elements of this product is its performance. For one, it is a sturdy device that can withstand some heavy-duty wear. This means that you can drop the product and not have to worry about it not working afterwards.

LCD Display

The golf watch features a bright LCD. The display helps show you the numbers efficiently. It allows you to navigate around because you know what you are doing quickly. The LCD also allows you to easily see the contents on the screen, despite the ambient lighting.

Battery and Battery Life

This product comes with one lithium-ion battery and this means that you do not have to purchase the battery separately. Note that the specified battery life is 7 hours, and we found this to be pretty accurate. 

Customer Support

This golf watch appears to offer a high standards of customer support. The manufacturer offers an excellent support team that will help you figure out the device and sort out any challenges you encounter in use. we tested and found the process smooth and helpful. Customer support is available round the clock.


The Shot scope V2 is attractive priced compared to similar watches in it’s class. This is attractive given the devices superior accuracy and the fact that it offers many capabilities for all levels of user.

The ShotScope App

The App accompanying the Shot Scope V2 is fully featured and on a par with many others in it’s class.

The Shot Scope V2 App

Social Comments

While preparing to write this review, I looked around the internet for other user reviews about this product. Most of the reviews I stumbled upon seemed generally positive. For one, most reviewers seem to love the fact that the product is easy to use. A significant number of reviewers also speak positively about the accuracy of this golf watch. Most clients attest to the fact that Shot Scope offers the best customer support. The only negative comment I encountered was related to the chunky design. Regardless, the product has a customer rating of 4.8 out of 5. This is an excellent rating compared to other products.

Similar GPS Watch Options

The Sure Shot V2 is a fine golf watch but there are others with a similar spec. We run you through a couple of other contenders that you may prefer.

Garmin Approach X40

Like the Shot Scope V2, this product is one of the best on the market. It is an accurate golf watch that is professionally inspected and tested to ensure its performance is top-notch. It features elements like a GPS receiver, auto shot, heart rate monitoring, and activity tracking.

It is more than just a golf watch because of the added elements. It features a rechargeable battery, just like the Shot Scope V2. However, unlike the latter, it is more costly.



  • On a par with the Shot Scope v2 thought the display method is not too everyone’s taste
  • Good swipe control for a smaller display
  • Tracks extra elements such as calories burned

TecTecTec ULT-G Golf GPS Watch

This is also an impressive GPS golf watch with preloaded worldwide courses like the Shot Scope V2. It is a lightweight product that is easy to set up and use. It features a simple design with elements like distance measuring, hazard distances, and automatic hole progression. It features information on more than 38ooo courses, and it also has an accurate clock. It is one of the most affordable products globally, like the Shot Scope. The design is both durable and reliable. It is water and dust resistant with a battery life that can power at least two and a half rounds.

ULT-G Full Review HERE



  • Easy to use after familiarization.
  • Fairly straightforward setup.


Golfing is a game of skill, wit and tactics. However, most of the time, you cannot reach your goals without some assistance. This includes the use of GPS devices or watches. The Shot Scope V2 would be a great golfing companion to help you achieve success while having the most fun. This product is not only accurate and excellent at distance making and recording swings, but it is also easy to use.

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