Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (Golf Edition) Review

by Mark Stevens

Description & Review

A physical fitness watch with a golf application. How does it stack up against similar dedicated golf watches?

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  • Design 88% 88%
  • Technology 84% 84%
  • Performance 82% 82%
  • Battery Life 80% 80%
  • Wear Comfort 80% 80%
  • Mobile App 88% 88%
  • Price 80% 80%

The Samsung Electronics Galaxy Watch Active 2 (Golf Edition)

At heart, though easy to get into, golf is a very technical game. When playing a round of golf, it is very helpful to have information about aspects of the game to give you an edge over the competition. As a long-time golfer, I can say that at the technical and statistical level the game has become simpler because of advanced technology. To help with the golfer’s thirst for in-game information, there has been an introduction of different types of technical device. One example of technology that has grown to be very important is the Golf Watch. Providing information on courses, distance to object and shot statistics (among others) the GPS watch has become very popular. A popular example is the Samsung Electronics Galaxy Watch Active 2 (Golf Edition). This smart GPS watch is a game-changer for keeping data records of shots and performance, advising on distance and showing green maps for a huge number of courses.

Before this type of technical aid came along, I never used any technology when going for a round of golf. This made it difficult to measure the distances of a shot to the pin, track my shots, and even get useful information. At least in an easy and convenient form. This review will show you why the Samsung Electronics Galaxy Watch Active 2 44MM BT (Golf Edition) is a useful piece of technology for some golfers. Can it also compete with dedicated GPS Golf watches? We will see.



  • Sleek and sporty design bringing out style and comfort.
  • Unique touchscreen navigation tools which make it easy to go around and navigate.
  • After the setup stages, it is easy to navigate through the features and use.
  • The GPS watch is waterproof.
  • Has Bluetooth.


  • Laborious and frustrating setup process.
  • Updates take too long to be made.
    Battery charge lasts less time than advertised.
  • Limited range of functions compared to a dedicated golf GPS watch.
  • Helpful as an entry-level device but not for hardcore players or pros.

Important GPS Watch Features To Look For

When playing a round of golf, you need to have accurate distance measurements so as to know what shot you are best placed to make. This can be very difficult to do without help – even for experienced players. With a smart GPS watch like the Samsung Electronics Galaxy Watch Active for example, you can obtain fast and accurate distance measurement to guide your shot.

A smart GPS watch also helps you determine and get the accurate yardage, get correct measurements for various distances and keep track of your scores and shots. 

Smart GPS watches are suitable for people of all ages. They usually have a sleek and sporty design built for style and comfort. Most can be used off-course as well as on. 

The smart GPS watch market is very competitive since new brands with new features are introduced every year. For a golfer to get the perfect watch for them, they should consider the features that will benefit them on the golf course.  There are some important features to look out for on any GPS Golf Watch.

Auto course recognition

Choose a GPS watch with this feature as it uses GPS to get the golf course you are playing and presents it automatically. With this feature, you don’t have to search for a golf course manually among tens of thousands of built-in courses. A great time-saver.

Battery life

A round of golf can take a long time to be completed. So, a buyer needs to look for a watch whose battery life can last the course. Better still, a battery that is easy to charge and lasts several rounds of typical usage.

Green mapping

This is a vital feature as it will help you know where to aim in situations where you are far away from the green, perhaps out of sight of the pin. Green mapping will show you the topology and actual shape of the green as a whole

Water resistance

Choosing a water-resistant watch comes in handy for inevitable days when it rains. Or in case of accidental water splash occurs. There is also a possibility of excessive sweating as a result of hot weather. Good water-resistance is vital.


Go for a watch with a digital scorecard where you can track and store your golf scores for later review. With a digital scorecard, you can analyze your performances for different golf rounds, compare and see improvements or playing tendencies that should be ironed out

Ease of use & Navigation

GPS smartwatches can be a little bit technical with the many features. Not all levels of player will use all features. This can be a little bit confusing. So, you should go for a watch you understand and can easily navigate through.

Summary Of The Samsung Active 2

The Samsung Electronics Galaxy Watch Active 2 44MM BT Golf Edition is an improvement over the earlier edition of this watch. It is a smart GPS watch that helps you track shots and scores, get accurate distance measurements and yardage and additional features to improve your golfing.

The watch uses the latest GPS technology and maps to ensure you get the most accurate measurements and yardage. This, with practice, helps you choose the shots for various plays. This edition has also had some unique additions to make it one of the best non-dedicated watches for golfers. However, in our tests, we didn’t find it offered the same capabilities as good dedicated Golf watches. It, therefore, could suit a new entrant player or early developer.

Basically, the Samsung Electronics Galaxy Watch Active 2 Golf Edition is for those start-up or inexperienced players who want to improve their golfing. It offers an introduction to the types of facilities a player will get benefit from. Most especially by getting the correct and accurate distances to help in shot choices. However, there are many features, several unrelated to golf but useful. As a full-featured fitness as well as golf watch, Players of any level should try it out to see if it suits their personal needs in the round

We were quite impressed by the accompanying free SmartCaddie app that is a stand-out feature and matches the best.

Main Features

The Samsung Electronics Galaxy Watch Active 2 44MM BT Golf Edition has very many features that can be very helpful golf players. Some of the most attractive features of this GPS smartwatch are covered below. 

Slim and sleek sporty design

This smart GPS watch comes in 44mm and 40mm sizes with a thickness of 109mm. With those kinds of dimensions, the smartwatch is very light and you can barely feel its weight when wearing it. It has a thin rotational digital bezel touch around the screen’s edge, which adds a cool and neat finish. It is super easy to navigate and control the watch, even when mid-course. The cool designed rubber straps also give the smartwatch a sporty feel and come in different colours. Get a spare so you can change over between your playing watch band and social one.

Vivid course maps/preloaded golf courses

The Samsung Electronics Galaxy Watch Active 2 Golf Edition comes with the smart caddy app already preloaded. With the app, golfers can pay to have a lifetime subscription. It gives you access to real-time data and maps of over 40000 golf courses worldwide built-in and updateable. To expand one’s user choices, support images are added along with satellite-based course images. The watch allows you to access the course maps even without an active internet, so you don’t have to worry about internet connectivity when playing. When changes that take place on any golf courses, the Samsung Active 2 Golf Edition receives auto-updates, ensuring that users have the correct information at all times.

Dual Arc features

I personally have found this feature to be very helpful when measuring distances on the golf course. Using this feature, a player can get the distances from the front, centre and back of the green. The feature also allows for customizations so owners can change the units of measurements (yards or metres) to their own preference.

Battery life and charging

This is one of the most common things people look at when buying electronic golfing equipment. The Samsung Electronics Galaxy Watch Active 2 Golf Edition brings you satisfactory battery life (though we found less than published in practice). Samsung says battery life can last up to 2 days. Certainly, a whole days play without needing to recharge the smart GPS watch is possible. Even at high performance with accurate tracking enabled, the battery life is still pretty reasonable.

When it comes to charging, the Active 2 adopts the latest wireless charging method. This is one of the fastest charging systems for smartphones and smartwatches. In two hours or less, the smart GPS watch is full and ready for another full day of tracking and measuring distances and yards. One can also charge the smartwatch by using a Samsung smartphone’s power share if you own a phone.

Touch  to target and shot tracking

This feature on the smartwatch allows you to touch a target on the map and it gives you the distance from your location to the target. This feature helps you check or measure distances to target layout zones on the course or distances to obstacles you are trying to avoid. With this information, you can decide on the required shot for the distances very quickly. Shot tracking helps you track the distances your shots make in order to improve your swing through analysing performance.

Edge to edge super AMOLED screen

The bright and crisp screen makes it easy to use in the outdoors and direct sunlight. The brightness auto-adjustment of the screen gives you the best visibility, depending on where you are and your environment’s lighting conditions.

Benefits Summary


  • Using this smartwatch can help speed up play significantly. It only takes you a few seconds to get accurate distances.
  • You can improve your overall gameplay and take it a notch higher. This is because the information on distances will help in making decisions about your shots.
  • With this watch, you can keep track of your games and results for later analysis. This can help improve your level.

Social Comments

From the various reviews on the internet, I I noted that The Samsung Electronics Galaxy Watch Active 2 44MM BT Golf Edition is popular among golfers.  Some comments have been made regarding battery life and preferences for a dedicated golf watch over the Samsung. The general view is much in line with my own that I’ve covered above.

Alternative Watch Choices

Although the Samsung Watch Active 2 Golf Edition is a good starter option, some alternatives give it competition for more advanced players. This is true both for prices and features. We look at some dedicated GPS competitors below.

Garmin 010-03723-01 Approach S20

This is a good, stylish and comfortable choice that has all the useful features of a GPS watch but for a much lower price. It can track various activities with reminders. It also has an auto-record thus allowing a player to analyze their rounds on Garmin connect accounts. Fitness functions such as steps, calories burned and more are also available on this model. Worth looking at as an alternative and has some unique features that may be of use.


  • It is cheaper than The Samsung Electronics Galaxy Watch Active 2 
  • It lacks a touch screen but uses case mounted buttons – that some golfers prefer as easier to manipulate.

Golfbuddy AIM10 GPS Golf Watch

This is a good choice for a GPS smartwatch. Most features are similar to the Samsung Galaxy Active 2. It comes with various features beneficial to golfers, especially accurate distances and yardage. It can connect to the Golf Buddy smart app via Bluetooth and can zoom in and out to view course details in color.


  • Rechargeable through USB and battery can last up to 10 hours.
  • It is cheaper.


This Samsung Electronics Galaxy Watch Active 2 review shows that this particular device is useful depending on your level of play. It is easy to use and it provides all the key functions that beginner to intermediate golfers could want  (along with many additions that may or may not be useful).

Any potential buyer should answer that last question for themselves as the relevance of all features should inform the buying decision, given the cost. All features won’t suit everyone but if the watch in the round appeals then it is a potentially good purchase and backed by a brand leader.

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