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Nikon Coolshot PRO

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Read our review of the Nikon Coolshot PRO golf laser rangefinder. A detailed and in-depth look at this handy device.

Rating Stars 4.5
  • Design 84% 84%
  • Technology 86% 86%
  • Performance 86% 86%
  • Battery Life 88% 88%
  • Weight 90% 90%
  • Price 84% 84%

Can The Nikon Coolshot PRO Give You The Edge?

After beginning my golfing journey I realised I was taking too long to make decisions on the course. This annoyed my fellow players and knocked my early confidence. I had to solve the problem because It was hindering my game. I started investigating whether technology could help in my case and in that work I discovered the Nikon Coolshot PRO.

Can this popular device help your game? Let’s see.


  • Its pin lock technology is very good.
  • The optics are very clear.
  • The Stabilization feature is good and useful. 
  • Waterproofing and therefore all-weather use is good.


  • It isn’t the cheapest on the block.
    Can move a little despite the
  • stabilization which can give different yardage each time.
  • There’s a lot of features and capability for new or casual golfers.

Some Considerations When Buying A Golf Rangefinder

Rangefinders are useful in several ways as they help you to solve shot and club choice problems on the course. Some of the problems include distance measurement and slope adjustment before taking the shot. A rangefinder helps you increase your shot play accuracy and, apart from that, it will be easier for you to locate objects on the course.

If you are looking to improve your game then acquiring a rangefinder could be a good move. It might make a difference between whether your next golfing experience will be successful or not. Being a 10-handicap golfer, I can say that the ideal customers for rangefinders are players practising for tournaments who mostly want to measure distance accurately. They generally want some assistance in making judgements in relation to the pin.

If you’re considering buying a rangefinder there are several things that you will need to think about before taking the plunge. They include range, magnification, ease of use, battery life, waterproofing, storage, and price.

Overview Of The Coolshot PRO

The Nikon Coolshot Pro is a device for golfers who rely on accurate distance measurements. It has a stabilized technology that reduces vibration, caused by hand movement, by approximately 80%. Nikon guarantees you that the device is water and fog proof. When you purchase the device, you get a warranty in case of any manufacturing defects.

The Coolshot PRO is the standard version rangefinder from the Nikon company. Although Nikon has manufactured other previous rangefinders, the Coolshot Pro has gained popularity because of the stabilization feature and is fast becoming a leading product.

If you love golfing and you are planning to take your skills to another level, this could be the device that will help you build. If you’re a casual, doing it for fun player then another lower-spec alternative could be a better choice.

Features & Benefits

At this price there need to be some pretty good features, right? Let’s see how the Coolshot PRO stacks up.

Stabilization Technology

This much heralded feature offers a more precise and faster range. It reduces the vibration of the visible image caused by the hand movement and this makes it easier for you to locate and lock onto the flag. At first, the process feels unusual but, with practice, it becomes second nature.

This feature is very beneficial as it improves your speed around the course during golfing. It is easy for you to locate the right flag to make a perfect shot on any given green. It also favours older golfers with in some cases, less steady hands.

Slope Feature

This capability removes some of the the uncertainty regarding how far uphill or downhill a shot will play. It gives you the distance to the pin (or other area or object) and the degree of elevation. The change in elevation will give you the approximate yardage so that you can calculate the right club before you continue with your game. A rangefinder with slope feels nice because it makes the shots that little bit easier than one without.

The feature is important to those who practice for golf tournaments. The slope feature helps you to play with confidence on an elevated ground, making the game process easier – especially if you’re a tournament beginner.

Actual Distance Indicator

The Coolshot PRO stabilized employs an actual distance indicator which is an LED lamp located at the end of devices case. When you are using the equipment, a green color blinks to indicate that you are not utilizing the incline or the decline measurement function. The ID technology can easily be seen by observers when in use, and you can switch it off if you want to.

The feature provides you with an exciting experience as you can locate the right clubs for each hole on the course, regardless of the static objects on the course. It is also helpful as it enables you to make several shots within a shorter period of time. 

Locked On Technology

This device includes a sensor that will vibrate or pulse as soon as it locks onto the flag. At the same time, the locked-on sign in the viewfinder is lit green to inform you that the distance to the flagstick is visible. The distance is measured even with the trees in the background.

It is enjoyable to use the feature during golfing as it allows you to lock in the target easily without wasting time. This is very important because it will be hard to locate how close you are to the target without this feature. In-short it’s designed for distance confirmation.

Continuous Measurement

The rangefinder automatically measures the range for 8 seconds when you press and hold the power button. The distance can range up to 1200-yards and they are measured to one decimal point. You will feel great when you use this feature during your round as it smoothens the playing process by locating the range

It’s important to your game, especially when trying to find measurements of small and thin objects. It also allows you to know the distance of all hazards, the pin, and trees in sight within seconds. 

Additionally, the feature helps you locate everything that you need to know as you approach the green so that you can make a perfect shot, regardless of the obstacles.

Measurement Display Modes

The device uses four modes that range from F1 to F4. F1 is the measurement display mode- this is the default mode, which displays the slope adjusted and the actual distances.

F2 is used to adjust the brightness of the display. You can alternatively set the brightness manually from 1 to 5, where one is the darkest and five the brightest. 

F3 switches between yards and meters, and lastly

F4 switches the actual distance indicator.

At first, this will feel a little confusing as you start to use the device but you can switch the modes automatically with time. This is crucial as it enables you to do different things during different phases of a game. While some prefer raw data, some like to experiement with different modes. Both are okay.

High Visibility OLED Display

With 6x magnification and a wide field of view, the Coolshot Pro Stabilized offers outstanding performance. Apart from the stabilization feature, its crowning glory is also the OLED display. It provides automatic brightness adjustment for ideal visibility in varying light conditions.

Apart from this, the optics are multi-coated for bright and clear viewing. It also has a rear diopter ring for fast focus to your eyesight. This is great because it allows you to read in low light conditions and in the dark. This is essential because it will be hard to read anything in the field without clear optics, and the game will be slow.

Ergonomic Design

This guy is made to withstand the harsh conditions. It is made with a metallic fiber material; this is a guarantee that the device is durable. It is also waterproof and fog proof; it is filled with nitrogen to eliminate internal condensation.

It feels great to carry this device around as you know there is no risk of damage, even during the rainy seasons. 


Compared to many rangefinders, this model comes in at a fairly chunky price (and there is a more expensive version with a hard shell case). That said, I would argue that the range and quality of features probably just about justifies the price – for the right level of golfer.  if you’re just getting into the game then this isn’t for you but for pro and high-performing amateurs it ticks a lot of boxes.


Coolshot PRO Video Overview

The Garmin Approach S10 GPS Golf Watch is a good example of it’s product type. It delivers accurate yardage and allows you to keep scores on the watch by summarizing your performance. It’s a good, affordable fit for most players at most levels of the game.

It’s remarkably comfortable to wear, it has a better than average battery life and is also waterproof. This Garmin Approach S10 Lightweight GPS Golf Watch review aims to help you make a potential buying decision based on an assessment of the key features on offer. 

Social Proof

Looking around the web the Nikon Coolshot PRO meets with generally good reviews. The trend is positive, therefore, with many users comparing this device favourably to others such as Bushnell that in the same price range.

Alternative Laser Options

This device is in a higher cost bracket but has a few competitors that we’ve also looked at;

AIZYR Golf Rangefinder

This device is yet another alternative in the market, which offers you high accuracy and clear imagery (although not specifically only a Golf rangefinder). Apart from this, it has got a rechargeable battery with a removable port. Hugely costly but a quality performer – if you can afford it and play the level of golf to justify it.


  • Highly precise measurements
  • Slightly more comfortable to hold than the PRO

EVAXO 1800 Golf Laser Rangefinder

This device can measure up to the 1800-Yard range and 500+ Yards to a flag. 


  • It has 3 optical lenses while the Coolshot PRO has 2.
  • Measurement distance is further than the Nikon.

Peak Pulse Golf Laser Rangefinder

This device is equipped with pulse vibration technology. It is accurate to 1 Yard it is claimed (we couldn’t confirm that in all conditions) and it’s range is 400 yards and has got a 6X Magnification. It will help if you try using this product to improve your golfing skills as this device also comes with a hand-carry bag. A reasonable purchase for new golfers or those at an early experience stage.


  • It is cheaper (much ) than the Coolshot PRO and has less capable facilities. For those on a budget.
  • Fast Focus system
  • Good range of case and accessories included.


The Nikon Coolshot PRO is a good product for solving the issue of distance measurement during golfing (in all conditions). This problem may seem like it’s obvious but solving this issue may increase your gaming confidence and improve your play overall.

If you are an experienced or high-level golfer then the Nikon Coolshot PRO excellent fit. It is a high-tech device but relatively easy to use after mastering an initial steep-ish learning curve. There are capabilities to experiment with and I would urge you to do that. Yes, there are better overall rangefinders out there but they come with a substantially higher price tag from our research. While very usable by inexperienced players, to get the full overdrive performance from this model you need experience, not least in marginal conditions. There, this model comes into it’s own for the price. 

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