Helpful Golf Exercises For Improved Flexibility And Swing Power


image of a golfer using loosening exercises

Complement Your Rangefinder – Develop Your Fitness And Swing Power

Golf is one of the most popular games in the world. Traditionally, it was known as a game for high society. However, now the sport is hugely popular and available to all. Golf is a game of wits and precision. For this reason, so many people assume that you do not need to meet certain physical standards or levels of fitness to succeed in the sport. However, while you do not need to have lean muscles or be tall and with abs, physical exercise plays a significant role in your performance. For example, there is no good having a great rangefinder that you’ve mastered while neglecting the physical side of shot-making.

Physical fitness helps increase golf swing speed and power significantly. Physical exercises and stretches help improve overall strength and range of motion. These two combined elements will help you maximize your distance. Stretching is particularly important because it has a significant impact on strength. It may also influence the range of motion, which will greatly impact your speed and overall performance.

You can practice the following golf stretches and exercises to improve flexibility and build power and stamina.

The Squat

This is one of the most popular exercises and perhaps one of the best exercises to improve golf swing power. Note that your golf swing is not just about your arms. Your legs have a significant role too since your hips, glutes and quadriceps are all a part of the movements. Your legs are also very important, especially during the downswing. During the downswing, you need flexibility in your calf muscles and hips to maintain your posture. For this reason, squats are a great exercise for golfers.

Illustrating the squat golf exercise

How to perform the squats

The following step by step guide will help you perform the perfect squats:

• Stand with your feet apart. It would help if they were adequately enough so that you can achieve a firm and perfect balance.
• Keep your back straight and place your arms on your waist
• Slowly bend your knees as you lower yourself to the point where your quads are parallel to the ground.
• Maintain the position for at least five seconds
• Slowly move back up to your original standing position
• Repeat these movements at least 8-12 times (2 to three sets)

If the squat on its own does not do the trick for you, you can also try squatting with med ball rotation. The following steps should guide you through this stretch of exercise:

• Stand with your feet separated at a shoulder distance apart
• Put your toes forward and slightly bed in your knees
• Engage through your stomach
• Keep your arms straight
• Rotate slightly to the right then toss your med ball to your left
• It would help if you had a partner to whom you will throw your ball
• If you do not have a partner, you can throw the ball against a wall.
• Make sure you keep your hips and feet straight. Your knees need to remain apart.

Complete this exercise in 2 sets of 10 reps in each direction. Make sure you modify your knees on the ground so that you can achieve maximum stability. This exercise will not only help you increase flexibility while swinging your golf club; it will also help increase the power in your swing and potential speed. This exercise targets your glutes, transverse abdominis, external and internal obliques.

The Lunge with Rotation

This is also an excellent exercise to improve golf swing speed and power. It will help increase your stability and hold your position. This stretch or exercise targets your quadriceps, glutes (both max and med), transverse abdominis, and external and internal obliques. Performing this exercise will help you maintain balance as the transition between the backswing and the full swing. It will also allow you to maintain powerful swings without getting bent out of shape. Additionally, these exercises will help you control your trunk rotation. When you are comfortable doing this exercise, the addition of a med ball will add extra impact to the exercise and increase upper arm strength

illustrating slow lunge with rotation (and added med ball)

How to perform the lunge with rotation

• Stand straight with the bottom of your feet flat on the surface
• Place your right foot in front
• Bring your left foot back. Doing this should help you form a lunge position
• Extend your arms. It would be better if you held a resistance balance band pulling opposite of your front knee.
• Keep your hips facing forward. Your knees also need to be facing forward and not falling in.
• Draw in your belly button and stabilize your body through your hips and trunk
• With your arms straight, rotate to the right then slowly return to the centre
• Do the same thing on the other side.
• Complete two sets of 10 reps in each direction

• For extra exercise impact, consider holding a med ball while you lunge and rotate

While performing this exercise, make sure you modify your knee on the ground.

The Slow Sit-Up

The slow sit-up is a great exercise to improve golf swing speed because it helps you add some power to your swing. It does this by developing your core muscles. When slow sit-up is mentioned, most people think about sit-ups in general. However, unlike conventional sit-ups. The slow sit-up is where you begin at an upright position and slowly lower yourself down by your back. This exercise engages your core properly without having to rely on momentum to lower or raise your torso.

image illustrating the slow sit up golf exercise

How to perform the slow sit-up

The slow sit-up is an easy exerciser to perform. The following tips should guide you through it:

• Sit on the floor and make sure your back is straight
• Keep your knees bent, and your arms stretched out above your head
• Make sure your feet remain flat on the ground
• In a single motion, gradually lower your torso to the point where your head touches the ground
• Gradually lift yourself back up
• As you do this, make sure your back and arms remain straight
• Perform 2 or 3 sets of this exercise (12 repetitions) for the best results


Other than the above tips on how to improve golf swing speed, you can also perform simple stretches like shoulder flossing, standing side stretches, scarecrow twists, hip presses, and twisting stretch. These are also great exercises to improve golf swing speed and power. Therefore, you also get to improve your overall performance. If Golf is your game then it wouldn’t hurt if you started working out right now.

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