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Voice 2 GPS Unit

Description & Review

An interesting product from major manufacturer GolfBuddy. Will the speaking voice feature appeal or turn you off (like it can be).

Rating Stars 4.5
  • Design 86% 86%
  • Technology 85% 85%
  • Performance 85% 85%
  • Weight 90% 90%
  • Battery Life 85% 85%
  • Price 85% 85%

Is The Golf Buddy Voice 2 Your On-Course Friend?​

Golf is a game of tactics and precision. To succeed as a professional or non-professional golfer, you need to have the right tools. Such tools include the right attire, golfing clubs for different shots and, nowadays, a rangefinder as well. 

The role of a rangefinder is to help you measure the distance between targets on the course. Rangefinders with GPS have pre-recorded courses and hole information, hence provide the most accurate distances. The GolfBuddy Voice 2 GPS rangefinder is good product in the rangefinder range. In this GolfBuddy Voice 2 review, we discuss some of its best features.

Lets’ see how this particular product fares……


  • It is very easy to use.
  • It comes with a speaking voice GPS.
  • It is very accurate.
  • It features dynamic Green View technology.


  • It is quite expensive.
  • The batteries have to be purchased separately.

Buying Factors To Think About

This is an interesting piece of kit and there are several considerations to be taken into account before purchase. Check out the following;


Golf is one of those games where you have to be on your feet for a long time and moving from one location to another. Carrying around golf clubs is already work enough. You, therefore, do not want the extra burden of lagging around another heavy tool. Make sure that the rangefinder you buy is easy to carry around. The device should be compact enough to avoid any trouble moving it around. However, you need to take time and consider the design and usability of the product before choosing the most compact. You also do not want to get a small product that will break quickly. 


When buying a golf GPS rangefinder, you also want to make sure that it is highly durable. Consider the materials from which it is manufactured as well as features like the waterproof design. Make sure to look at the overall design of the product as well.

Ease Of Use

You should also look into how easy it is to handle the product. Make sure to go for a rangefinder that you can easily operate from the word go. A design that is too complicated, with several buttons and/or features you won’t use may not be the best choice.


The market is packed with different types and brands of GPS rangefinders. They all differ in price and functionality. When choosing the budget, consider factors like durability, ease of use, and functionality.

Introducing the Golf Buddy Voice 2 GPS

A good GPS rangefinder can strongly add to the on-course golfing experience. With a rangefinder, you can tell the exact distance between you and your target. It helps you determine how hard you need to hit the ball and which club would work best for a specific shot. The market is strong and offers a good range of different kinds of rangefinders with GPS.

However, the GolfBuddy Voice 2 GPS/Rangefinder is a good product. This device features one of the most dynamic set of technology which is at the same time easy to familiarise yourself with and use. It is also very efficient and accurate in operation. 

This model features a ranging feature that takes into account the front, center, and back of the green when calculating. With an interesting ‘voice’ feature where information is ‘spoken’ by the device, there is something that little different. It may not suit everyone but many will like it, once familiar.

Features & Specifications

The GolfBuddy Voice 2 GPS/Rangefinder is one of the best-selling products in the market at the time of this review. The reason for its popularity is down of its great capabilities and ease of use. Below are some of the primary features and their importance.


One of the very best features of the GolfBuddy Voice 2 GPS/Rangefinder is the fact that it is easy to set up. It works like most of the best GPS units in the market. All you need to do is charge it and turn it on. A single charge lasts for at least two rounds. The device is designed in such a way that when you get it to the golf course, it instantly picks up the location, the course, and the hole. 

The product comes with five buttons. The main one is the power button, and it switches the device on and off. Two buttons control the volume of the talking GPS feature, and the last two activate the voice, change the display, and allow you to measure your shots. It is therefore very easy to use and quite intuitive after initial use. 

It comes with a built-in clip that allows you to wear it on the belt clip. It can, therefore, be worn as a watch or on the belt because of the retractable clip. Whether it is worn on the belt or as a watch, the display feature is not affected because of the flip side feature (i.e the display can be flipped upside down).

Talking GPS

The product is also characterised by the fact that it features a talking GPS. The talking feature can be set to either a male or a female voice. The Golf Buddy Voice 2 GPS/Rangefinder also features a multilingual element that allows the talking feature to display up to 11 languages. Eight of the languages are pre-loaded. 

The product comes with a button, which, when pushed, activates the voice feature. When the voice feature is activated, it will immediately tell you the distance to the centre of the course. The volume of the voice can also be controlled using two buttons. It is also worth noting that the GPS feature comes with up to 40000 pre-loaded courses. This makes it easy for the product to identify the courses and holes automatically. 


I personally like the fact that the GolfBuddy Voice 2 is pretty accurate. The distances provided by the equipment are very on point and within the yard. Each time I have used this product, I have never had an issue with it misidentifying a hole. I found this very impressive compared to other products in the market. It provides front, back, and middle yardages effortlessly. It also comes with a dynamic green view technology that offers distance readings from the perspective of golfers. 


The device features a good-quality LCD and the 1-inch display is very clear and easy to interpret. The screen displays everything that you can hear from the sound feature. This means that you can always turn off the sound and read the screen. The screen gives you the front, middle and back distances without needing to turn on the voice button. This is a feature that other previous versions lacked. I find it very impressive, especially when I am playing with friends and prefer a silent environment.

The GolfBuddy Voice 2 GPS/Rangefinder’s screen features a flip element, as noted earlier. 


This rangefinder product uses one lithium-ion battery and the battery features up to 14 hours worth of battery life. The 14 hours should do for at least three complete rounds. This is significantly better than many products I have seen and tested in the market. 

Compactness & Durability

The rangefinder weighs 454 grams, which is pretty good. It has main dimensions of height 4 inches and a length of 6 inches. These dimensions make it one of the most compact designs in the market. It is, therefore, easy to carry around and is not too heavy. 

The fact that it only uses one battery also makes it more compact than its counterparts in the market. It is also very durable despite the small size. From the material to the design, the entire product screams durability. It is also waterproof, hence more robust than some other products in the market. 

Cost & Value

I personally find this product worth the cost. For me this is because it very reliable, easy to use efficiently and it has some incredible features that I do make use of. 

Golf Buddy Voice 2 Overview

Social Comments

Going through GolfBuddy Voice 2 GPS reviews by purchasers, I can see that one of the features that owners love most about the product is the compactness. Buyers also rank it the #1 most trusted talking golf GPS range finder in the market. The fact that it is a unisex product also doesn’t hurt. Comments also show users love that it is easy to use, stays securely on the belt or visor and it is very accurate as well. 

For this GolfBuddy Voice 2 GPS review, I also found out that there are also close to no major complaints about this unit (at least none that I could find showing a trend). However, there are a few complaints that it takes longer to search for satellites than some other products which is notable. Taking care of this issue is, however, as easy as turning it on immediately you reach the course. Some users have also commented on a fragility but that is not my own experience on the course and travelling to and from it.

Alternative Contenders

There are, of course, other competing products on the market for example;

The Garmin Approach G10

This is a compact rangefinder with GPS that comes with a clip-on feature. It displays distances to the front, back, and middle of the green as well as hazards. Like the GolfBuddy Voice 2

The IZZO SWAMI 6000 Golf GPS


This rangefinder with GPS is costlier than the GolfBuddy Voice 2. It features a scorecard and a 2-inch color display that is easy to read and operate. It provides accurate distances, auto-advance between holes and hazard distances.


The GolfBuddy Voice 2 GPS/Rangefinder is a good product to help you find accurate distance measurements between holes, hazards, and targets. It is a simple but very efficient product. It will help make your golfing experience easier.

Personally, the GolfBuddy ticks a good number of boxes for me at the price and I’m happy to recommend it.

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