Are Golf Ball Finder Glasses Useful On Course


young golfer playing with ball-finder glasses

For any golfer, losing a ball is annoying. This is especially true when it is a new ball right out of the wrapper! Finding that lost ball isn’t guaranteed, especially in the rough. Is there any device or aid that can help? Special golfing glasses made to help locate balls is one option. However, do ball finder glasses work? We’ll talk more soon about exactly how these glasses work. Basically, golf ball finder glasses use a pair of specially tinted blue lenses. When searching for a golf ball, this blue lens technology makes the white ball stand out against gree or brown foliage or grass. For a modest cost, they can save you time looking for wayward balls. They also indirectly help keep ball costs down. In this article, we are going to take a look in more detail at how these specially tinted glasses work. We’ll also consider the important features to keep in mind when purchasing a pair.

How Do Ball Finder Glasses Work?

Golf finder glasses work using special lens technology developed for just the purpose of finding golf balls. There are many different types and styles though they generally share the same lens technology. The blue lenses work by blocking parts of the green spectrum, therefore making the white color appear more vivid and accentuated. A sharper image. Awesome right? This makes any golf ball easier to see in the grass but also shallow water.

As a golfer it’s one of the game’s pain points watching a ball flying into a hazard or rough and the question to ask is are ball finder glasses useful in golf? Surely then, any device would give greater confidence that in that scenario you will be able to find your ball?

Compared to searching for wayward balls with your naked eye, golf ball finder glasses are a real benefit. The best of these blue lens eyewear makes appear to make golf balls glow in the daytime. A great Fathers Day, Christmas, birthday or holiday gift for your golfing dad, mum or golfing grandparent.

You may ask the question – what if my golf ball is fluorescent? We all know that there are those golf players who like to stand out by playing golf using fluorescent-coloured golf balls or non-white colored golf balls. you can rest easy because a pair of ball finder glasses work with any light-coloured type of ball you choose to play with. So are ball finder glasses useful in golf? You will have a view but we think, from our experience, that they are effective in finding lost balls. Are they worth the money? That depends on how often you lose a ball and what your budget is. They are a fairly cost-effective option but may not suit every player.

Important Features To Look for In A Pair of Golf Finder Glasses

If you are considering buying a pair of golf finder glasses there are certain features you need to look for and here are the most important.

Good Head Grip

For any golf ball finder glasses, a good grip of the head is a must. Not just for cosmetic reasons. A good grip helps to keep the frame optically aligned when looking for the balls throughout the game. Most sports frames with this function have a rubberized grip that prevents them from moving around. Even during your swing. This makes them secure and ensures you don’t have to be worrying about them. You can concentrate on the game.

Lightweight Frame

Nothing kills a golfer’s enthusiasm for devices like these than having uncomfortable glasses. It is essential to look for glasses made from lightweight and durable material. This will give you comfort while playing your round and make them easy to carry around. Or wear during a difficult, long or hot round. make sure you avoid metal frames at all costs. These are less likely to be durable and the additional weight and comfort (or lack of it with some) can distract your game.

Good Fit

It is crucial to find golf ball finder glasses that are comfortable to wear. Of course, if you like looking like hip in the clubhouse then look and style in addition to weight are a must-have.

One important tip – look for rubberized nose bridges and temple grips that will seamlessly fit your face. It is important to look for ball finder glasses that have adjustable nose pads (ideally) and great temple pads. If you get both right then you will have a good fit.


The market is filled with a variety of glasses and it is up to you to find a pair that meets your design and appearance requirements. There are both male and female ball finder glasses and it is completely up to you to choose. There are unisex designs that can be worn by either gender. bear in mind that looks aside, size is an important feature to consider. We will shortly be posting our own reviews that can help.


It is important to store your ball finder glasses in a secure place to avoid them from getting destroyed. When buying golf finder glasses, try and choose one with a case and/or microfiber storage pouch. This will help keep your pair of ball finder glasses in good condition.

Lens Technology

It’s worth noting that not all golf ball finder glasses use blue-tinted lenses. However, in our tests during actual play, blue is best. The state of the art UV blue tint technology does seem to perform better in all lighting conditions.

Final Thoughts

Losing your golf balls on the course can take its toll. To often will tire you out and crank up the costs. This can turn a pleasant day into an exasperating one.

We personally have several pairs each (they are really cost-effective) so keep a pair that is worn and 2 spares (in the event one is lost). A great, low-cost tool and pays for itself in confidence and with less anxiety over ball loss. As regular rangefinder users, we have also found that the blue tint doesn’t obscure the lens display or LCD on these devices. Some rangefinders have fitted eyepieces which don’t suit glasses so bear that in mind. For most, they are perfectly useable with the golf ball finder glasses.

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