Bozily BL-X3 Laser Rangefinder Review

by Mark Stevens

Bozily BL-X3

Description & Review

Find out what conclusions we came to when testing this laser rangefinder under playing conditions. For a budget product, we were quite impressed.

Rating Stars 4.5
  • Design 84% 84%
  • Technology 86% 86%
  • Performance 86% 86%
  • Battery Life 88% 88%
  • Weight 90% 90%
  • Price 84% 84%

How Does The Bozily BL-X3 Stack Up?

With the many choices in the market, there is one make that stands out in terms of affordability. For me, it is one of the best in budget with nice features coming in at under $150. Here I am going to talk expansively about the Bozily BL-X3  showing why it is a pretty good rangefinder and a good choice for both professionals and beginners on a budget.


  • The rangefinder gives fast and accurate measurements.
  • It can measure up to 1200 yards clearly and accurately.
  • It is small in size making it easy to carry around.
  • The rangefinder is completely water and fog proof.
  • It has a large and clear display that shows all the information one requires.


  • The BOZILY BL-X3 is not fitted with a stabilization mechanism.
  • Short battery lifespan.

What You Should Look out For When Purchasing a Golf Rangefinder

Rangefinders have transformed the way both pros and beginners play the game of golf. They have come in handy for many, including me and help solve the problems of determining distances and even time wastage during a round of golf. Rangefinders have simplified the game by taking the guesswork out of it altogether. With just a touch of a button and looking through the lens, one can determine the distance to the pin immediately, slope and yardage to different areas on the course before taking a shot.

The best customers for golf rangefinders are armatures and beginners who have problems in determining distances and how the various factors like slope affect distances for each shot. Also, they are ideal for professional players during practice as they help in making accurate measurements of distances.

When buying a rangefinder, you should look out for features such as magnification, laser marking, range, if it is waterproof and fog-resistant. You should also lookout for the price, storage space available, and how long the batteries last.

Overview Of Bozily BL-X3

The Bozily BL-X3 is the latest and impressive rangefinder in the Bozily brand. The model uses the latest technology available for rangefinders, ensuring you get more accurate measurements when compared to other rangefinders in the market and price bracket(I have used a lot of them).

Its magnification is up to 6x and can give ranges of up to 1200 yards. With its digitally enhanced accuracy, this rangefinder provides and maintains correct measurement with an accuracy of +/- 1 yard. It provides clear views for golfers helping them see the targets and range accurate distances. With this technology in hand, you can get all the important accurate information you require without wasting a lot of time and thus can make more informed shots based on the information.

When compared to other models in a similar price range (under $150), the Bozily BL-X3 is very well specified and with, generally, more features. These enhancements in technology make it especially suitable for beginners and intermediate players during practice. It provides good, accurate measurements and clear sighting even at longer ranges. With these features, the BozilyBL-X3 is gaining popularity with golfers.

If you are a new or developing golfer and need a good rangefinder to help you improve your shots, then this could be the equipment for you. 

promo image of the Bozily BL-X3 laser rangefinder with features

Features & Benefits

The BOZILY BL-X3 has many useful features that bring benefits. With the latest technology available at a reasonably budget price, it is gaining popularity. Among the popular range of capabilities the device has are the following;

The Slope Adjustment Feature

This is one of the main features of this range finder (and should be present on any quality device). With this feature you are able to get more reliable and accurate measurements when faced with slopes. The feature takes into account the various angles of inclination or declination on the course as you play your round. By using this feature, I have been able to play well-calculated shots without worrying about the angles as the range finder gives accurate and useful measurements. With practice, these measurements can improve how you attack a difficult shot with a number of angles under cosnideratuion. Don’t expect your shot to be perfect the first time you use the device but over time you will see the benefit.

After familiarisation, by using this feature, the game can move very quickly as it eliminates time wastage. It is useful when training for a tournament as you can master how to play on undulating or elevated terrains. Your playing skills will improve as a result.

Range and Accuracy

The Bozily BL-X3 can measure distances ranging between 5-1200 yards acording to the manufacturerd and this is correct. The device has a considerable margin when compared to other golf rangefinders of the same or even higher price. The rangefinder gives acceptably accurate and precise measurements of distances that fall between the in-built ranges.  In a game of golf, it is more than enough. With its impressive range, this rangefinder maintains accuracy in measurements of +/- 1 yard.

Four Scan Modes

The range finder comes with four scan modes that can be used according to your liking and objectives. The four modes provided are the general, horizontal and vertical modes, slope and angle, and finally, speed mode. The general mode is standard and found on most good rangefinders. It is tournament legal. With this mode, you can get distance measurements and basic angles. The second mode will help you get the slope angles while the third mode will give you the vertical and horizontal measurements. With the speed mode, which is the fourth opton on the rangefinder, you can get readings related to speed measurement.

Flag Lock Feature

The BL-X3 has an alert feature that notifies golfers when it successfully locks on to a flag. You won’t need to keep guessing whether you are locked on as the range finder will beep or vibrate when it locks on to the flag. This capability is very helpful as you won’t be ranging on the same target repeatedly. This saves time on course.

Continuous Scan

Pressing and holding the rangefinder’s power button will continue to scan the range for some time. The distance it measures ranges up to 1200 yards. This feature has helped with my game by allowing me to range the target object easily. Some benefits of this feature include;

  • It is helpful when you are getting measurements and locations to enable you to make good shots and avoid obstacles.
  • Within a short time it can enable you to get measurements of small objects and show distances of the hazards and obstacles.

Wide LCD Display

This device is fitted with a wide display that automatically adjusts its brightness to give you the best visibility. This depends on light conditions but the auto-adjust features is fast and helpful. It also helps reduce eye strain when reading information from the wide display.


This rangefinder is designed for water-proofing and is effective in light rain. I haven’t tested it in a real downpour.

Construction, Design, and Durability

It has a sturdy and ergonomic design which chelps portability. It can easily fit into pockets and bags. The rangefinder is durable because of its rubber and plastic, which protects it when dropped. It also comes with an enclosed protective casing for use when carrying it around. With this taken into consideration, the Bozily BL-X3 should have a good lifespan.

image of the Bozily BL-X3

Key Points Summary For The BL-X3

  • Using this rangefinder can usefuly help speed up your play. You only need a short period of time to check the important measurements.
  • The Bozily measures acceptaably accurate and exact distances to the pin. This information helps you to decide the shot you should take effectively.
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Using this range finder can boost confidence in club and distance selection for movie or intermediate players. Removing uncertainties can boost your gameplay greatly.
  • This rangefinder will help you gather the necessary information on the distance and how far you are required to make a shot. Accurate measurements give you an edge over your opponents.
  • Advanced or Pro players may find other rangefinders (not all) have a more complete and accurate features set. Of course, you will pay more so must be able to justivy the more expensive device.

What You Get

The BL-X3 is well provisioned in what is supplied. The boxed device offers;

  • The Rangefinder plus 2 CR2 batteries
  • USB charging lead
  • A useful carrying case
  • A carabiner and lanyard
  • A cleaning cloth
  • Color box
  • Good instruction manual covering use of the rangefinder.


imagae of the equipment yuo get with the Bozily BL-X3

Social Comments

When looking at buyer comments on the web, I came across many positive comments. Most of the reviews suggested others get it as it has features that are very useful and can help improve your game. The positive trend of comments continues even when comparing prices with other rangefinders. With its affordable price, most say you get value for your money as it offers even more useful features than rangefinders of the same price and even better than others of higher prices. All in all a positive profile on the web among players.

Alternative Laser Rangefinder Choices

The BL-X3 is a very reasonably priced device coming in at under $150 in many outlets. However, there are other options and we have taken the time to look at a few of them for comparison.

Bozily Golf/Hunting Rangefinder

This is the first alternative to Bozily’s BL-X3 in the market and is another, slightly cheaper, member of their family. Most of its features are similar to those of Bozily BL-X3, plus it offers accurate measurements with clear images and details. This rangefinder measures distances ranging from 5-1000 yards with a 6x magnification. It has two scan modes and is eligible for golf tournaments. When it comes to price, this model is slightly cheaper but not that much. However, it is also a hunting rangefinder so before considering it we would recommend reading our article on the difference between golf and hunting rangefinders.


  • Slightly less range (up to 1000 yards)
  • has 2 scan modes while the BL-X3 has 4 modes. 
  • Slightly cheaper but also a hunting rangefinder.

Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder

This rangefinder is slightly different from the BOZILY BL-X3 in terms of features but performs on a par with it. It can measure distances ranging from 5-900 yards with clear views from 650-900 yards. Maximum magnification is 6x. With the slope feature, flag lock, vibration, and pin seeker, it simplifies golfing by allowing fast plays with accurate measurements resulting in great shots. It is slightly cheaper but lacks the yardage cover of the BL-X3.


  • Has a lower range when compared to BOZILY BL-X3.
  • It is cheaper.
  • Has 3 scan modes while the BOZILY BL-X3 has 4.


I recommend the Bozily BL-X3 as something of a hidden gem if you are on a budget. It is an easy to use and affordable rangefinder with good slope features and acceptably accurate on-course measurements. Whilst it does lack the polish of a higher-priced alternative, it’s worth noting that all the key necessities are present. This device is a very good starting point for exploring whether a rangefinder suits your play and can help your game.


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Product and technical images with permission of Bozily.

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