Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Pro Review

by Mark Stevens

Description & Review

We’ve run our rule over this laser rangefinder to see how well it serves golfers of all standards on the course.  We were surprised at how good it turned out to be for the price.

4.5 Stars
  • Design 86% 86%
  • Technology 86% 86%
  • Performance 82% 82%
  • Battery Life 80% 80%
  • Weight 84% 84%
  • Price 86% 86%

Impressive Technology At A Very Reasonable Price Point

A playing partner mentioned he had been using a laser rangefinder from a less well-known manufacturer late last year. I decided to look it over to find out how it stacked up against some of the bigger players. Quite well as it happens. 


  • Fast and highly accurate.
  • Great value generally coming in at under $250.
  • Clear, uncluttered viewfinder.
  • Very effective at dismissing ‘clutter’ of unwanted course objects.
  • Light, comfortable in the hand.


  • Cannot turn off the slope function if used in a tournament, from what we could see. However, scan Mode 1 bypasses slope so can be used.
  • Pin Lock can be tricky on occasion we found.
  • Stabilisation proved difficult on occasion compared to some competitors.

Please Note: There is a slightly lower-spec model of this rangefinder , the Blue Tees Golf Series 2 (non-slope). This review only covers the Pro model.

What You Should Look out For When Purchasing a Golf Rangefinder

Rangefinders are useful in several ways as they can help you to solve shot and club choice problems on the course. The common problems faced by golfers include distance measurement and adjustment for green slope before taking a shot. After getting used to it, a golf rangefinder can help you to solve the problem by increasing your shot play accuracy. 

The ideal customer for a rangefinder is the golfer who is practising for tournament play. Rangefinders help players make judgements about the distance to the pin by providing measurements. With experience, this information can provide a very useful lift to a developing skill set.

Before buying a rangefinder there are several things that you need to think about. Considerations include accuracy, ease of use, magnification, range, battery life, price and waterproofing.

Overview Of  The Blue Tees Pro 2 with Slope

The Blue Tees Series 2 Pro is a useful on-course tool for any golfer who relies on accurate distance measurements and wants to improve their shot choice and accuracy. It comes with a good variety of features such as an ergonomic design that enables the device to withstand most weather. There is also a stabilization technology that reduces vibration caused by unsteady hands. When purchasing this product you get a warranty in case of any defects.

The Blue Tees Series 2 Pro is fast gaining ground and popularity due to its feature set including locked on technology and stabilization.

Are you looking to take your golfing skills to the next level? As experienced golfers, we found this device a joy to use. Once mastered, it proved a useful addition to our collection.  On a lightly cautionary note, for new golfers is highly-specified with an array of features that could prove overwhelming initially.

Image of the Blue Tees Golf 2 Pro Laser Rangefinder with strap

Features & Benefits

Slope Measurement

This device features a continuous arc technology that enables it to automatically take into account the course incline/decline to give you the true distance between you and your target. Apart from giving you the degree of elevation it also gives the distance to the object or the pin. Before making your next shot, you need to choose the right club and measure the elevation and distance of your planned pitch or drive. The slope feature makes it easier to make a club selection and judge the upcoming shot.

Stabilization Technology

This feature aims to make the operation of the device and wanted measurement faster and slicker.  It aims to greatly reduce any vibration of the visible reticle image that can be caused by hand movement. This makes it easier for a player to locate and lock on to the flag.

The benefit of this feature is that it will help improve your device operating efficiency during the game. This will always be appreciated by playing partners. The capability favours golfers have less steady hands.

Ergonomic Design

This device is made to withstand the unfavorable and harsh conditions on the green. It comes with a hard shell carrying case that can be easily be clipped onto your bag as well as offering a guarantee that your device is durable. It has a microfiber cloth that makes it easy to clean your rangefinder during the round. It is also water-resistant and fog proof according to the manufacturer (we didn’t have an opportunity to test). However, the way that this device is designed should make it suitable for use all types of weather.

Continuous Measurement

This rangefinder can measure distance up to 800 yards with an accuracy to one decimal point. This is more than sufficient for any course green. When using this feature, the device continually scans the field in front so acquiring information at any point is smooth. It comes with an accuracy of +/- 1 yard which will please most players on the move. This will particularly help you to find measurements from thin and small objects.

High Visibility HD Display

The device comes with a 6x magnification and HD display which provides an outstanding performance. The HD display allows for automatic brightness adjustment that is ideal in varying light conditions.

For clear and bright viewing the optics are multi-coated. Coupled with a rear ring controller that can be used for fast focus, it’s a pleasure to use. Not only is this great because it allows you to read measurements in marginal light conditions but also speeds up the game as a result.

Locked On Technology

The Blue Tees Pro has a flag lock technology that vibrates or pulses as soon as it locks to the target or flag. By locking to the flag and not what is behind it, the device is quick and avoids misreading by excluding background objects especially well.

This feature is enjoyable to use and it saves time through fast acquisition. This is very beneficial as it could be difficult to locate the distance between the golfer and the target without this feature. Locked on technology is designed to de-clutter the measurement providing faster. greater accuracy.

Image of the Blue Tees targetting reticle with pin in view

Measurement Display Modes

The device uses three modes ranging from mode 1 to mode 3.

Mode 1: is the continuous scan mode. In this mode, you press down the acquire button and the distances appear while you scan the target line.

Mode 2: is the golf mode. You only press once and hold to activate scan and lock onto a target. Once the target is acquired the unit will vibrate. Yardage will be displayed at top of the view field while slope yardage will be displayed at the bottom of the view field.

Mode 3: is speed mode. It is used to indicate the speed of the ball required.

At first, you might find that using this device in these modes will feel confusing. However, over time you will grow into it and you can switch the modes automatically. The different modes are crucial as they will enable you to do different things at different points during the game.


Compared to other rangefinders in the market, this device is well priced, given its capabilities. The range and quality of features in this device justify the price, in my view. 

Image of the BT Pro from a front angle

Buyer Social Comments

Looking at buyer review around the internet, I fond the Series 2 Pro generally gets good feedback. The trend and reviews are positive with many users comparing this device to others at a similar price but fewer features.

Other Similar Choice Options

Overall we were quite impressed by the Blue Tees Pro 2 so it would take something special to beat it.  We looked at possible competitors.

Acpotel Golf Rangefinder

 This device is another alternative in the market. It features an external LCD screen, an angle switch design, is lightweight and portable. It offers 7(!) measurement modes, point to point ranging function, has a golf scan mode and slope adjustment. It also comes with a rechargeable lithium battery. It could be worth looking over if the cost of the Pro 2 is out of budget.


  • Accurate for measuring angles.
  • A Large side-mounted LCD display screen is convenient and fast.

The Acpotel Golf Rangefinder is an interesting budget alternative to the BT PRO 2 and you may want to check it out. In my view and if budget allows, the Series 2 Pro is better for advanced golfers.

Raythor Golf Rangefinder

This rangefinder features a diopter adjustment functionality that provides a clear view. It has continuous scan functionality, can measure a distance of between 250-1000 yards, features an LCD digital screen and has a built-in slope technology.


  • Easy to use
  • Comes in a nice carrying pouch that also has a hook for your bag
  • Very lightweight

Goodero Pro 1000 Golf Rangefinder

This device is equipped with a visual jolt, slope adjustment, 6x magnification, fast focus system and claimed high accuracy. If you are looking for accuracy then this could be the device for you. Check it out.


  • Very easy to use
  • Marketed as highly accurate
  • Easy USB charging


In golf, accuracy is everything. The Blue Tees Series 2 Pro is an excellent product for solving measurement issues during golfing in all weather conditions. This problem is daunting to any golfer and solving this problem may not only increase your gaming confidence but also improve your overall play. For any experienced or high-level golfer the Blue Tees Series 2 Pro is a great fit and that explains why it is not tournament legal.

It is easy to use which comes after you have mastered the device. There are other better rangefinders out in the market but they are pricey. This model is great value, loaded with features and can be used by inexperienced players (with hard work) as well as by the pros. 


Pro 2 Slope Check On Amazon

Find out more and get pricing on the Blue Tees Series model (with NO Slope)

Product and technical images with permission of Blue Tees.

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