Affiliate Commissions And Range the Drive

Range the drive is a site devoted to the use of technology to improve the game of golf for all levels of player. Buying any tech can be quite a stressful process and our aim is to help you, the golfer, by doing a lot of the research and testing ourselves. As golfers ourselves we understand the need to look into expensive purchases for the game quite thoroughly. We do this for your benefit but also because we ourselves are interested in improving our golf game through innovative technology.

Our site is supported by its readership and we are members of the Amazon affiliate program. This means that if as a result of our research and recommendations, purchases made we will receive a commission. This in turn help support the site and allows us to continue with further testing and application of new products. You may well then say “do you concentrate on only the best or most expensive golf tech”. The simple answer is – no we don’t. Our interest is surveying the available technology in the golf market. Whether that is a cheap rangefinder or a top-of-the-line golf watch. The main driver for us is whether it is likely to appeal to male or female golfers at all levels of the game. More important than that, we aim to look at how much benefit each piece of tech can offer.

You may well think that the fact we earn affiliate commissions will influence and bias our testing and research. That isn’t the case and if you look at our site you will see high-end and low-end products reviewed and either recommended or not. Our aim is to remain independent of the financial element and rather to concentrate on providing the best experience to our visitors.

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